UPDA works with messaging platforms you love

What is UPDA?


Overview of your team daily working plan at a glance

UPDA asks your team to plan their day and put plans together in dashboard. Task completion, task updates, and newly added task are communicates to keep everyone up-to-date.

All accomplishments get visible

UPDA promotes transparency and encourages members to contribute. All members get informed daily on team progress or any blocking issues the team may have.

Manage and prioritize works to keep your progress on track

Each team has a backlog for members to collaboratively manage tasks and their priority. This is great for pooling short-term actionable items to remind members what to do next.

Promote more accurate timeline estimation

Having your member planning everyday, a team leader can see how fast tasks in backlog get accomplished. This gives a tool for the team leader to predict how long the actual work should take.

Having trouble on making a regular meeting or members are in the different location?

Using popular instant messaging program and web-based check-in process, all members can perform check-in anywhere based on their timezone without needing to gather at the same place at the same time.

Your day with UPDA

Start your workday

Getting a notification on Slack to perform check-in
Using check-in link, you access to check-in screen.


Each member answers 3 questions
- What did you accomplish yesterday?
- What are your goals for today?
- What is blocking me from progressing? (If any)

Stay updated

Getting updates from colleagues through instant messenger to know what is going on in team
Update completed task when you finished your task

  • Single price for everyone
  • 1 USD / Team member / Month
  • Input report as task entry, Categorize using hashtag
  • Backlog with priority
  • Multi-team, Multi-timezone, Team holiday
  • Slack integration, Custom reminder time and day